Class Series

Vegan Cooking Clubs

Six-week sessions provide students knowledge, skills, and abilities they’ll use for a lifetime. Studies include:

  • Lessons in food selection, nutrition, and kitchen safety
  • Culinary labs with cook-along lessons featuring simple, easily acessible ingredients
  • Research assignments that virtually transport students to locations around the world to investigate how food products are cultivated, manufactured, and brought to market
  • Experience in food reporting, photography, video production and digital editing
  • Exploration of career opportunities in the food industry with a broad look at business marketing,  journalism, digital media, environmental science, and pubic relations

Student recipe assignments can be compiled and formatted into a program document that can be used to showcase student work, serve as a school resource, and a cookbook fundraisier with your local community and beyond. 

Vegan Culinary Memoirs can create a custom learning experience tailored to any age group or academic course of study.  Click through the Project Gallery for inspirational samples of the vegan culinary adventures ahead.