Black Belt in TOFU

Today’s Plant-Based, Protein-Rich Alternative to

In the publishing pipeline: the book, the exam and a call for culinary competions.

Crack the code on veganizing almost anything using organic artisan tofu. It’s a chef’s blank canvass, rich in protein, takes on any flavor or texture, it’s been enjoyed for centuries in Asia.

Now one of the largest crops on earth used mainly to feed aniamls for milk and meat…make it organic, grow the soy and feed the people!  It’s easy to just about have it all again plant-based.

Health – Environment – Animal Welfare

Take the Challenge: Earn a Black Belt in TOFU

Vegan Cake Decorating

Vegan Cake Baking & Decorating

Cake baking and decorating is a fun at any age or skill level.  I baked my first cake in an Easy Bake Oven in preschool, since then I have continued to experiment and share the experience through baking and decorating workshops. From pre-school baking to professional chef training. everyone loves vegan cake.

Pictured here, a cake decorating practice lab where empty cake pans are tuned upside down and decorated with practice frosting to create mock-up materpieces.

Vegan Seafood: Recipes from the Galley of Windfall

A survey of vegan seafood alternatives from tuna salad to ceviche, sushi to fishless fillets, vegan shrimp, scallops,  shellfish alternatives, and more. Imagine the profit margins alone on a No-Fish Taco when the catch of the day is a fresh fillet of zucchini instead of a scaly fish.  Crispy or grilled, that’s just one example. You have to try it all to believe it.

Economical, environmentally friendly, and a healthy choice. A windfall of recipes and ideas for putting vegan seafood on the menu.


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