Education Projects

Elementary School

Imagine the return on investment we’d get from teaching children healthy choices early. In today’s world it’s critical that we give kids a chance to learn how thier food choices impact their health, the environment, and animals. Start a plant-based foods education program and you can help students discover they can pretty much “have it all again plant-based.”  Here at High Tech Elementary Explorer in San Diego, California, kids were busy before COVID-19 hit testing recipes for a cookbook that teaches how tofu can be used as a substitute for meat, eggs, and dairy.

Engage your students with a culinary adventure into the world of plant-based foods!


The Milk Substition Form

Back in the 1940’s the US government passed a law that was meant to ensure that every K-12 public school student would have access to milk at every meal. And so it goes, that law is still in place but it’s time for change.  The more voices that are raised and the more requests received…the better our chances at change. To help students gain access to plant-based milk alternatives find your schools milk substitution form and help pass it around to encourage more students and parents to consider supporting this request for change. There are so many reasons to go dairy-free, you’ll find great information and resources at  

High Tech Elementary Explorer Sponsors: The VegFund, Jensen’s Foods, San Diego Soy Dairy, New Options Food Group